Headlight Repair Honolulu (Headlight Restoration, Headlight Replacement Services Oahu)

Windshield Repair Honolulu is your number one auto glass repair service for Oahu! We fix your broken windshields, replace your windshield, fix your headlights, tint your windows, fix passenger and rear windows- and all other of your auto glass repair needs! 

Need to fix a broken headlight or taillight in Honolulu?

We service the entire Oahu island, and can provide same-day service in Honolulu. 

Cloudy or yellow headlights

You are taking a big unnecessary risk if you’re headlights are cloudy and not working properly! Reduced visibility is a highly dangerous situation, which is why it’s so vital you go to a professional company to get your headlights fixed with professional grade materials  and techniques! 

It’s been studied and found that thousands of accidents have happened as a result of poor headlight quality or broken headlights. Ineffective light causes the driver to be over ten times more likely to get into an accident. It’s important to keep your headlights clean as well. Dirty headlights can obstruct visibility up to 90 percent! 

We work with your insurance policy: 

It’s our duty to ensure that you pay the least amount out of pocket depending on your insurance policy. Our team of experts will work directly with your insurance company and your individual insurance policy. Depending on your insurance policy, headlight repair or headlight restoration may be included in your policy. 

Can I do my own Headlight Repair / Headlight Restoration ?

We understand that it may be tempting to try doing a DIY headlight restoration project on your vehicle. But when it comes to auto repair and auto glass repair, it’s best to bring in your car to a reputable company to ensure your headlights and taillights are up to safety standards and codes. 

We hire and train the very best auto glass repair technicians on the island. You can have peace of mind knowing that our techs are highly trained, skilled and licensed! 

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Cracks happen! Whether you have a completely shattered windshield, or just a small crack in your windshield- Windshield Repair Honolulu is your auto glass care solution! We will get your windshield fixed up in no time, and have it looking just like new. Give us a call today! 

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