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Oahu’s best windshield repair company! We take care of all your auto glass needs in Honolulu. Everything from small cracks in your windshield, to a complete windshield replacement, headlight / taillight repair, passenger window repair and more! 

How do I know if I need to replace my windshield?

If you need your windows tinted, its important that you get them tinted by a reliable and experienced team of expert window and auto glass care technicians. Hawaii has many different laws on window tinting shades, so its important to go with a reputable company who is up to date with all laws regarding window tinting services. No one likes wasting money, and there’s nothing worse than paying money to get your windows tinted, only to get pulled over by a cop and ticketed for having windows and a windshield that is too dark of a shade.  

Tickets for window tinting related circumstances can be hundreds of dollars, and cops rarely give out warnings for these offenses. It’s best to go with a company who will ensure that you are complying with all rules and regulations of the road so that you don’t have to worry about getting a hefty fine. 

Aside from worrying about getting a ticket – it’s important to choose a reputable company who knows what they’re doing when it comes to window tinting. Utilizing cheap window tinting materials will result in your tint scratching off easily, and not lasting very long. It’s better to utilize a professional auto glass company when you invest in window tinting- so you don’t have to get them redone in a year or so. We ensure our window tinting services are built to last! 

Quality Window Tinting Service on Oahu: 

When it comes to auto glass care, it’s important to pick the best window tinting company on Oahu and in Honolulu! Our competitors often use the cheapest materials possible for window tinting. We provide only the best of the best and utilize the highest professional grade materials available on the market today. Don’t be fooled by the low prices of other companies, because you will be back after a few months and your tint is faded or discolored. 

Window Tinting helps keep your vehicle cooler!:

Oahu is a beautiful place to live- but it’s no secret that the abundantly sunny days and hot summers can make the inside of your car cook in the high temps. Window tinting is not just for aesthetic reasons- but also they keep your car much cooler, especially in the hot sunny days here in Honolulu! So don’t sweat it! Contact Windshield Repair Honolulu for your full window tinting service today! 

So whether you want window tint to keep your car cooler- or you like the look of tinted windows, Denton Auto Glass Care has got you covered! Give us a call today to hear about our window tinting prices in Denton, Texas– and any deals we might have going on right now.

Our Auto Glass Repair Services for Honolulu:

  • Window Tinting Service
  • Windshield Replacement / Installation Service 
  • Repairing Chips in your Windshield 
  • Power Window Repair / Service 
  • Residential Glass Service / Replacement
  • Residential Glass Repair Service 
  • Commercial Glass Replacement Service 
  • Commercial Glass Repair
  • Front and Rear Door Glass
  • Side Mirror Replacement or Repair 
  • Rear Window Repair 
  • All auto glass related service! 



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Whether you just have a small crack or break in your windshield from a rock, or you have a completely shattered windshield- Windshield Repair Honolulu is your auto glass repair service for all of Oahu! If you’re looking for the best auto glass repair shop in Honolulu, you’ve found it! Give us a call today! 

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